I'll tell you what I am doing with my life just as soon as I have a cup of coffee. And sleep. And then another coffee, And a bit more sleep...

Cosplayer. Slytherin. INTP/INFP. Caffeine Addict. Hella gay.


Take a walk with me,: radiotook: wingsunfurled: Just wondering if there are any John...




Just wondering if there are any John cosplayers that are going to be Sherlock-less for the whole of 221b Con. I would like to kidnap you as my own and get up to many shenanigans with you during the con. *sssssh don’t tell my John, who wont be there*


Signal boost!

Waaah okay I have had a few offers of John cosplayers and you are all amazing and lovely and I want to and will cosplay with you all. I know some of you are only planning to cosplay one day or already have a Sherlock for some of the con. Is there anyone that would want to be my John for the whole of the convention and isn’t afraid of a Sherlock dragging them around and climbing all over them :P

Or maybe I should form a harem of John’s….