If you aren't scared. You aren't human.

Cosplayer. Slytherin. INFP/INTP. Caffeine Addict. Hella me.


Since all the cool kids are doing it, I thought I would do a intro post for those going to 221bCon. (plus post some of those ridiculous photos from our shoot 2 weeks ago)

Hiiiii. I am Brie although I am happy for you to call me Wingsunfurled or Wings or whatever. I am coming all the way from Australia to be at 221bCon and I’ll cosplaying various outfits of Sherlock throughout the weekend. I should hopefully have more than just the above outfits at the con.

If you see me please feel free to surprise tackle hug me or glomp me if you want! I am fine with all forms of physical affection. I can be quite introverted unless I am high on cosplay energy so if I seem reserved or quiet around you know that it is just me being me and that I am most likely enjoying myself.

I can’t wait to meet you all!